Technical Project Management

When automating an organisation's workflow, it is sometimes necessary to integrate part of the new Information System with other legacy systems within the organisation, or with 3rd party online applications or data feeds.

We've had years of experience with complicated Systems Integration projects involving all kinds of different technologies and we are able not only to implement such solutions but also to act as Technical Project Managers in order to facilitate Project Management across multiple 3rd-party development teams in order to bring these systems and data feeds together.

In-house Systems

To do so, we make use of our own, in-house, systems:


Headspace online Project Management system. This system is a distillation of our many years of experience in Workflow Systems and provides centralised ticketing, estimates, approval and comments for work items and tasks.

Trac Code Repository

We have Trac Servers integrated with both SVN and Git, which allow us to facilitate code-sharing for multiple development teams when managing large projects. This provides visibility, redundancy and accountability.

Staging Servers

We have development and staging servers available for deployment and testing of systems. We can also facilitate easy one-click deployment for multiple development / staging sites for client projects and third party development teams.