Business Workflow Analysis

Our goal is to help your company achieve workflow efficiency by using online technology.

The way we like to start a custom Workflow Solution project, is by coming to visit your company for a 3-day period of consultation. We find that many of our clients either don't truly know their own Workflow processes in detail and / or do not truly understand how web technology can improve on their existing Workflow.

We find that consultation is the most expedient way to facilitate this understanding for all involved parties. It gives us a chance to meet the various stake-holders and employees who (or who's departments) will be affected by the new system.

These meetings bring a human face to the impending organisational changes and also allow all stake-holders a chance to contribute their knowledge and needs to the project. This creates a situation where everyone involved has "bought into" the project and thus reduces any friction and helps with Change Management.

The result is that we will produce Workflow Diagrams for your approval that will form part of the Workflow System development brief.

Workflow is a term used to describe the tasks, procedural steps, organizations or people involved, required input and output information, and tools needed for each step in a business process.