Arc2 Ethos

At Arc2 we like to build relationships with our customers. We keep our cost-base minimal in order to pass savings and value on to our customers. We are mavericks, we dare to think differently and to be different as an organisation.

We see the organisation's primary function as serving clients in London, the UK and South Africa. At Arc2 Web and Mobile Development we constantly remind ourselves of this privilege... this ensures we remain grounded, leveled to what we are good at. This ensures that any future brands we work with, the same smooth experience.

We see our secondary function as facilitating a lifestyle for our employees... it's not all about profit and creating a sale-worthy company. The benefit of this is that there is real accountability and we have excellent staff (and thus knowledge) retention. You can rest assured that once we've gotten to know your business, that knowledge will not be lost nor diminished over the years during which we provide services to your company. We believe in transparency and open communication.