Welcome to Arc2, Web and Mobile Development in Cape Town

Web development goal

At Arc2 Web and Mobile Development we strive to deliver smoothly implemented and cost effective web and mobile applications. Our forte is being able to achieve a holistic understanding of your company's needs and delivering systems that integrate efficiently with your workflow. Our client-base includes companies and brands in South Africa and the UK.

Web development solutions

Arc2's arsenal of web development solutions for UK and South African clients include:

  1. workflow driven applications
  2. e-commerce applications
  3. custom content-managed applications (CMS)
  4. web design
  5. web content development
  6. online invoicing
  7. online catalogues
  8. online reporting
  9. privilege based applications and approval systems
  10. API integration between disparate systems including accounting, CRM and payroll

Web development team

Our web development team is small and close-knit. This allows us to remain agile, responsive, creatively and constructively focused on the web and mobile development projects we produce.

Passionate about workflow

Arc2's experience as workflow specialists in web and mobile development in London is unprecedented. We have had the privilege of working alongside some of the world's biggest brands and gained invaluable insights into their workflow and business processes.

Business and workflow analysis is part of the service. We help our clients to understand and refine their own marketing processes and link these back into their other business systems to improve reporting, accountability and bottom-line. As specialists in workflow systems, we make it our business to get to know your business, so that we can provide technology advice and support tailored to your needs and goals.

How we ensure successful web development in South Africa & the UK

Our experience of web application development for clients in the City of London has allowed us the opportunity to deliver web development applications to some of Britain’s most exciting brands. We have brought this wealth of experience to South Africa via our offices in Cape Town.

We have Account Managers based in London and Cape Town, who are available to meet with you in person to discuss your requirements, consult on business analyses and manage your account. To manage the join between account management and development seamlessly, we've implemented our own, custom, project management and information management systems. These allow all our projects and processes to follow our best-practice development philosophies. Using our information management system, HeadSpace, we ensure complete project and information management transparency across all tiers of web development from stakeholder and project management, costing & estimating and development.

To bring our clients savings, Arc2  Web and Mobile Development has a development arm based in Cape Town, South Africa – the 2014 World Design Capital.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in web development and have incorporated these into our information management system. Each brand we deal with gets exclusive use of the system while the project is underway. This ensures the web development team and the project production team remain in constant contact throughout the life of the project.

Web Development Profile
Web Development Testimonials
Hannah van Susteren
Attention to detail

Arc has been instrumental in helping Atlas develop a website which meets the needs of our clients. We are constantly impressed with their attention to detail, level of expertise and ability to meet tight deadlines.

Hannah van Susteren
Much appreciated

... thanks so much for your help on this project (Audi). Much appreciated!

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